5 Things I've Learned about Love ♡

I met Andrew in 2013 when we both worked at Nike. Somehow two kids from Northern California ended up 500+ miles away in a suburb of Boise, Idaho working a minimum wage retail job. From the moment we met, there was an undeniable chemistry, of course we both denied but no one was buying it. In 2014, we made our way back to Sacramento, for different personal reasons, and by the closure of the year, we had found ourselves with a new title of “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. Over the course of the last 5 years, I’ve learned a lot about; love, relationships, Andrew, and myself. The last 5 years have brought me a lot of tears, laughs, lessons, and memories. All of which, I could talk about for hours. But I’ve decided to spare you the time and summarize the last 5 years with 5 things I’ve learned about love.

Photo Credit: Kali Tisdale Photography

Love is fun

I don’t know about you but my partner is my very best friend. We laugh until our bellies hurt and we can’t feel our cheeks. Our days are filled with play fights and conversations in baby voices we wouldn’t dare let our friends hear. Every day is one I like forward to tackling with them by my side. When you’re in love, even the bad days don’t seem so bad because there is so much joy in your life with the person you love!

Love is understanding

If you ask anyone, they would say with confidence, I’m a very stubborn kind of gal. Love has taught me that that mentality doesn’t always work out. You very likely won’t fall in love with someone EXACTLY like you and that’s a good thing, I promise! However, there will be times you don’t agree. It can be hard to place yourself in the other person’s shoes and trying to see things from their experiences and views where you may be on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Being in love has broken that hard stubborn wall down (for the most part, we all have our days, okay?) and made me realize we all can learn a little (and by little, I mean a lot) by being a little more understanding.

Love is unexplainable

I’ve had so many ask my questions about my decisions in my relationship or about how we do things and sometimes I just have no answer and I’ve found, that’s okay. What works, works. What you feel, is what you feel. Sometimes that’s all there is to it and you have to go with your gut. Sometimes you think with your heart and not your head and that’s fine. Because it’s pure and real. Sure, you may get hurt or it may cause some bumps in the road, but in the end, when all is said and done, real love truly conquers all. And no one needs more explanation than that.

Love is commitment

You’ve heard it all. Love is hard, it’s work, it’s giving things up, etc. And they ain’t wrong. But those things have to come from a foundation of commitment. A true promise that you both are in it for the long haul. Because if you’re just doing it, to do it, what’s the point? True love knows no time limits, it’s a forever kind of deal. And I’ve also learned, even forever isn’t long enough when you’re in love.

Love is private

This one is my most important and hardest lesson I’ve learned. In today’s world, everything is ran by social media. You could have not spoken a single word; typed or verbal to someone in years (or even ever), yet know where they work/live, how many kids they have, and what they ate for breakfast – all thanks to social media. And while it’s so great to have that connection platform, it can also be really destructive for a person. Including in your relationship. I’ll be honest, I use to be addictive to social media. Selfies on selfies, constant posting, the whole nine yards. My relationship was very public. And it put a lot of unneeded, unwarranted pressure for my relationship to be i.e. “look” a certain way. When I felt that wasn’t the case, I would go to social media as an outlet for sad Pinterest quote posts disguised as subtweets, often leading to petty arguments over the silliest of things. Plus, it just simply allowed other people a front row seat into my relationship which can frequently be followed with a certain entitlement for outside opinions. These past few months to a year, I really have taken my relationship and kept it super private and offline. And it has made such a huge difference in the overall health between us. In fact, a lot of you might even be confused that I’m writing an anniversary post. Well, surprise, we’re still here!

Love is such a special and complex idea, emotion, and connection. I’m constantly learning and growing but it’s a beautiful thing to be able to journey along someone I couldn’t imagine living without. A lot of what I said may be cheesy but I can tell you, it’s all true. While I don’t claim to be some love or relationship expert, I certainly know that I’ve been blessed to every moment I have and hopefully it resonates or helps someone reading this.

What’s something you’ve learned about love?

To Andrew,

We’ve come a long way from flirting in between the aisles of the footwear department. Life with you is an adventure that I excites me and is never gets old.
Happy Anniversary, Honey, here’s to 5 more years, and 5 more after that.
I love you! ♥

Cheers to learning + loving,

Beauty and the Ballpark

Here's to a New Journey!

I met Kellie back in roughly 2014 (Facebook says we’ve been friends since February 2014) while I was working at Nike. For one reason or another, we never really had the opportunity to develop our friendship on a deeper level than social media. Nonetheless, over the course of the past 5+ years, we’ve remained connected despite our lives undergoing some serious changes; cross-country moves included. Fast forward to October, I noticed Kellie had another Instagram account, so I decided to check it out. Within 5 seconds of being on her page, I clicked the follow button and was obsessed with her page ever since. I watched her stories religiously (still do, duh) – Trader Joe’s hauls, anyone? As I followed her, I noticed she was always talking about these oils + starter kits. The more she posted, the more interested I became.

I had heard about essential oils and even purchased a few from the grocery store in the past. But I honestly had no idea the true depth of the industry and the benefits (still don’t TBH). Any who, towards the end of November, Kellie posted that she was doing a special promo for the next 2 people who bought a starter kit. So, if you know me, you know I love a good deal + any sort of freebies. I messaged her and got some more information about what exactly this whole “Starter Kit” thing was. At the end of the day, I went ahead and purchased said starter kit. The kit was $165, but it well worth it for all the goodies you get. It arrived super quickly too, which was awesome (speedy shipping is always a plus)!

Now you’re probably all wondering what the point of this whole post is. So here it is…

This new journey I’m talking about is an exploration to the world of essential oils. I have so many questions and things I want to research and explore (different brands, benefits, etc). And I’m here to document it so you can tag along with me!

Every week I’ll be diving into something related to my Starter Kit, essential oils or just the industry as a whole. And always, I promise to put my integrity first and foremost which means being 100% real and raw with wherever this journey takes me.

Ideally my goal with this whole thing is to find better products that have benefits that aid my overall health + wellness. We all know how many harmful things there are all around us. So, if there’s something simple and easy (because let’s be honest, I’m kind of lazy with being health “conscious”) then I’m here for it! Now, I don’t expect to go nuts and start clearing out my shelves and going totally clean + green, but you never know what could happen.

So there it is; simple as that! I hope you’ll join me every Wednesday to see how it’s going and maybe learn something new. And don’t worry, you can still expect all the Disney + baseball content that is the foundation of this blog and still my main jam! If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them. And if I don’t know, I’ll be honest with ya and probably ask Kellie or do some Googling to get you the best answer I can find. I’d also love to hear your personal experiences with essential oils, if ya got any.

Click below to see my recaps of each item included in your starter kit:

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*updated every Wednesday*

Let’s freakin’ do this thang!

Beauty and the Ballpark

My First D23 Event

Back in August I joined D23 because, you know I’m Disney-obsessed and why not?! I became a Gold Member and wasn’t really sure what that all meant and what I got out of it. I knew there was cool little perks like a sign up gift and events of sorts but that was about it. Every time I checked the website for events, they were always “SOLD OUT”. I thought to myself, “what the heck? I never saw an email or anything to know this was a thing…”. I did some research and apparently you just need to be on your A Game because events will pop up without notice and be sold out within minutes. So, I became a stalker of the events page. Every. Day. Nothing really caught my eye until I read about the “10 Year Fan-niversary Celebration”. The description sounded amazing and I had to be there. I set an alarm for the release date and was stoked when I landed myself a ticket. Here’s a recap of the event and my final thoughts…

When I arrived to Walt Disney Studios, I was in AWE. I had never been there before, but it was just as magical as one could assume. Upon arriving, we checked in and received our wristbands, picked who we wanted to meet and greet, and then we were able to enter the Archives until the event officially started. The Archives is a room filled with all sorts of fun, fact-filled Disney memorabilia from all the different parks, films, etc. It was so surreal to be able to get a glimpse at some never before seen, up close stuff like;

Once we left the lobby area, we made our way to Lots 1 & 2 where the movie magic happens, ahhh. They had transformed the lots into awesome event spaces where members could interact, eat, and snap some photos.

Plus, it wouldn’t be a Disney event without…characters!

We were able to select two Disney legends like we would like to meet. I choose the voice of Goofy (Bill Farmer) and the announcers from Disneyland and DCA (Bill Rodgers and Camille Rodgers). It was so wonderful to meet the people behind some of my favorite magical moments/characters.

Did someone say food?!? I wish I would have been able to take a picture of the whole spread…but the chili alone was delicious!

At the end of every D23 event you attend, you always get a fun gift. The gifts I received at this event were; button, hat, and D23 magazine with every D23 cover to be done over the last 10 years.

Final thoughts…
I’d be lying if I tell you I wasn’t extremely nervous to attend such a big event, alone. But I’d also be lying if I told you I wasn’t the most excited I’d been in awhile. I really hyped myself up for this event and it was worth it, every penny (the ticket to this event was $150) and minute was 100% worth it. While waiting in line for meet and greets and characters wasn’t exactly the greatest, I was able to chit chat with fellow members, learn some pretty cool things, and I even made a few friends (HI! Terrie, Steve, and Sheelagh)! This was a big event to make my first but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. If you’re a Disney junkie and love exclusive stuff – then D23 is where you need to be!! If you’re want to join now, click here.
I can’t wait to see where the next event takes me!

See ya real soon,

Beauty and the Ballpark

DUMBO @ El Capitan

DUMBO @ El Capitan

Everyone’s favorite baby elephant hit the big screen last Friday, March 29th. I was lucky enough to snag tickets to see it a day early at the famous El Capitan theater in Hollywood. This was my first time seeing anything at this theater, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I paid $30 for my ticket and was guaranteed a commemorative popcorn bucket and drink plus admission to see the film. When I arrived at the theater, the premier of Shazam! was happening, so it was pretty chaotic and getting to the door was a little harder than expected. Getting in, though, was a breeze. It was crowded, of course, but the lines for photo ops and concessions was moving pretty quickly. At the concessions stand, I showed them my ticket and received my popcorn and drink. The popcorn came in a different bucket than the commemorative bucket which I appreciated so it didn’t get all greasy from the popcorn.

I got there with plenty of time to walk around the theater and see all of its glory. They had special photo ops, artwork, and items/costumes from the film on display.

I made my way back to my seat, where before the film started; prizes were given out (no luck for me…), an introduction from Joseph Gatt who played Neils Skellig about the film, and then an amazing mini “circus” performance. Then, the curtains opened and it was show time…

Rating: 7/10
Final thoughts:
I wasn’t a huge fan of the idea of Tim Burton directing this from the beginning. His style is very unique and I didn’t think it was well suited for this story line. However, when I saw the preview in Disneyland, I felt more comfortable because I didn’t really get that vibe in the 7 minute sneak peek. The story, overall, was very enjoyable. Definitely held back some tears a few times. For the most part, I was a fan of the additions to the original they made. Just when I thought we were clear of the “Burton Effect”, it came in full force with the “Dreamland” scenes. It just was too unrealistic for the time frame (1919) of the film. Plus it was very dark and slightly creepy. I understood the twist concept but it just wasn’t working for me. Dumbo, the character, was done so well though. The special effects were unbelievable and he was the cutest thing ever with those eyes and ears! I really appreciated all the emotions the film took me through; happy, sad, angry, heart broken, etc. The family aspect really hit home and pulled some heart strings. Overall, I still would recommend seeing this because I think it’s done fairly well and I would still be willing to pay to go see it in theaters and think it makes for a good experience. It’s a new spin on a classic that might seem “weird” at times but there are a lot more “yes”s than “no”s to me.

Find the latest showtimes in your area here: DUMBO
Or if you’ve already seen it, tell me your thoughts by leaving a comment below or on my latest Instagram post. Follow me on Instagram!

Don’t just fly, SOAR!

~ Beauty and the Ballpark

I went to Disneyland…Alone.

Quick life update: A little over a week ago, I moved into my dream apartment. It’s a cozy little studio in the heart of Anaheim. Walking distance from both Disneyland and Angel Stadium (OMG). Living in SoCal has legitimately been a life long dream of mine. Sitting in my apartment still doesn’t feel real, and I’m not sure when it ever will. Of course, though, living in a foreign place means lots of free time and no friends (yet). I’m not a fan of doing things alone, like, at all. So all this free time and no one to spend it with has been driving me crazy. But then, as I was sitting at home, doing nothing, realizing how close I am to not one, but two, of my favorite things, I thought; why? Why am I letting a silly insecurity stop me from living out my dream of being THIS close to THE Happiest Place on Earth. So, in that moment, I made the decision to get up and go to Disneyland…alone.

Here’s how it went…

Of course I had to bring back the AP. I mean, how could I not? I also decided to go ahead and upgrade to the Signature Plus AP. NO. BLACKOUT. DATES.

I got into the parks at a little before 6 o’clock and went straight to The Disneyland Story where they are currently showing a 7 minute sneak peek on the new live action Dumbo movie. The preview was amazing and I’m honestly way more excited to see the full film after watching. The preview will be running until April 7th (don’t quote me). Definitely check it out if you can!

As I was leaving Dumbo, a parade was happening, so cast members directed guests to walk through this maze like walk way that lead you right outside Tomorrowland. I crossed over to Adventureland and wound up at Pirates. The line was only 10 minutes and I was able to get a whole row to myself (score!). PS, who else loves the smell of Pirates, or is that just me?

Getting off Pirates, I found myself strolling through New Orleans square where I spotted a sign that said “Mickey Beignets Sold Here”. I’ve never tried them so I thought I might as well add to the experience and add another first. They were 3 for $5.49 (no AP discount) and they were Y U M. So warm and soft and slightly sweet. If you’ve ever had the Italian donuts at Olive Garden, the taste and such is very similar. Hooked. Churros have some serious competition…

Over the next 2ish, almost 3 hours, I was able to squeeze in 5 more rides, making a total of 6 hours in under 3 hours. Not a bad night. Haunted Mansion and Winnie the Pooh are a must, every single time. Splash Mountain wasn’t something I was planning on but there was no wait and I figured if I’m going this, I might as well do it big. Indy is always a good idea, until you get stuck and your car won’t stop moving so you get mini whiplash. Matterhorn at night = YASSSS.

Final Thoughts.

TBH – I don’t know why I was ever so afraid to do this, or anything, solo. If you know me, you know I’m 99.9999% the life of the party, outgoing, not shy whatsoever. But somehow when it comes to being able to do something alone, I freak out and shut down. It just never has been something I can comfortable with. Yesterday, I conquered that fear and I can’t tell you how liberating it was. I was able to do something that I wanted to do without having to wait on anyone or catering to anyone else and what they wanted to do, see, ride, eat, etc. Not that that’s a bad thing but it’s nice to be able to enjoy things without worrying about others. It was just me and my love for Disney. I can’t wait to expand my horizons and experiences of doing things with me, myself, and I. If you’re in the same panic of venturing off alone, coming from someone who has (and still kinda is) been in that place; stop letting the voice saying that is weird or uncomfortable or whatever other excuse your mind tries to tell you, stop you from doing things you want to do, see, and explore. At the end of the day, you don’t matter that much to the people around you for them to pay you enough attention to point out that you’re alone. That was a big reality check for me.
Seize the moment, enjoy yourself, and embrace the strength and happiness you will feel.

I promise you, it’s worth it.

You can do it!

~Beauty and the Ballpark ♡

Dear 2019…

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Dear 2019,

Let me just start off by saying – I am ready for you! I’ll be honest when I say, I’m not a fan of New Years, the pressure always seems so intense to have all this huge, extravagant “resolutions” that are supposed to motivate you for the 365 days to come. But then most, something like 80% of people, fail by February. I’ll admit that I’ve fallen victim to this “New Year, New Me” mentality on more than one year, and I hate it. In roughly 30 days some people can go from feeling so inclined to achieve their goals to just completely abandoning them?! For me, I’m d o n e. I’m over whatever curse the New Year brings to people who such enormous imaginations with, seemingly, little reality.

So 2019, here’s my plan for you.

  • I’m going small. Yeah, you heard me small. Because I refuse to be insane and continue to try to do the same thing and fail, once again.
  • Resolution? Never heard of it, not in my vocabulary.
  • Bring it February… I’ll still be here. March, count me in. April, I’ll see you in a few months. May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December – y’all get it.

2019, I am not going to ask much, but I would like to ask for a few things from you..

  • Patience – Lord knows I could use it.
  • Experiences – I crave them, place the opportunity at my door and let me take charge.
  • Love – I need it, and so does the whole world.

Now, I’m not greedy, so here’s what I plan to deposit throughout the next 358 days…

  • Consistency – Wether it be with work, this blog, my family, boyfriend, friends, etc., I’m going to be consistent, no flaking, no excuses, no BS.
  • Quality time – Put that damn phone down… Okay, okay, I get it. I want to be more present and utilize my time to the fullest. If my phone’s out, I want it to be with purpose, like capturing a memory in a photo or calling my Papa to tell him I love him.
  • Com(passion) – I want both! I want to help contribute to unity people through compassion for our differences or passion for our similarities.

2019, I ended 2018 not on bad terms but I definitely know it wasn’t my best year. I made mistakes and instead of owning them and changing my behavior, I made excuses. It won’t be like that this year, I promise.

2019, we’re 7 days in but we still have 98% ahead of us.

2019, I’m excited (and nervous) for you because I got expectations. Let’s not let us down.

2019, ready….set….let’s freakin’ do this.

– Beauty and The Ballpark

Dear Didi, I’m Sorry…

Dear Didi, I’m Sorry…

Dear Didi,

September 25th, 2014 was a tough day for Yankee fans. It was the last day Derek Jeter played baseball. I cried. I mean, who didn’t? There’s been other tough days for me as a Yankee fan; Swisher, Teixeira…but that’s besides the point. When Derek Jeter retired, the world of baseball mourned, what can only be described as, like someone had died. The season ended that day and everyone then began to wonder how the next would go. Who would be in charge of the enormous task and responsibility of being THE Yankees’s shortstop? No one could replace “The Captain”, but someone was going to have to try.

You became a Yankee at the end of that year during the off-season. Your stats, impressive, yet I remained doubtful. Your home opener at Yankee stadium was, again, impressive. It was known that day that you could play some baseball, I gave you that. However, the doubtfulness remained. You made some big moves that game, some historic stats that game included having the most RBIs by any player in a home opener since RBIs became a stat officially in 1920. However, I still couldn’t jump on the Didi train just yet. I, selfishly, wanted to see #2 out there at short. You were new, different, and it just wasn’t the same.

The 2016 season started out much like 2015 for me as a Yankee fan, still adjusting to this “new” kid at there on the field where Jeter played for literally most of my life. It was (still) weird for me. I liked you, but I wasn’t a “fan” of you just yet. 2016 was a hard year as we lost Teixeira and ARod as players, and Yogi has a Yankee forever. And we didn’t make the playoffs, again. You know, you were there.

However, in 2017, something changed. Man, what a season we had that year, am I right? Aaron Judge’s rookie year. Luis Severino really made a name for himself. Then the postseason came and things got interesting. We won the Wild Card. And then we beat the Indians. And then we almost won again the Astros. It was an exciting time to be a Yankee and a fan. It was in that season that I really started warming up to you. You had such a lively personality. The way you were were such a team player both on and off the field. Every good thing you did, you never took sole credit for. You remained calm and collected and always seemed to pull through when we needed you the most. I mean when you boil it down, you were (and still are) a lot like Jeter (in my opinion). And it was in the moment, when I realized that, that I became a fan of YOU and officially considered you a decent (😉) and respectful replacement for The Captain. You are THE Yankees’s shortstop and you deserve to be here.

     What I’m trying to say is… 

    Dear Didi, I’m sorry it took me so long to come around. I’m sorry I was too busy being selfish and hanging on to the past that I failed to realize how much greatness you bring to the organization and how you were doing Derek’s position, both on the field and within the organization, justice. Us Yankee fans are lucky to have YOU as OUR shortstop. I hope you stay awhile.

PS; I’ll be at the last game of the Oakland series this Wednesday, September 5th. I’d love the opportunity to apologize in person. What do ya say, Sir Didi?

Forgive me? 

Now, and forever, a fan of yours,

Beauty and The Ballpark

In 2017, I also got to visit the 2nd Happiest Place on Earth; Yankee Stadium.