Dear 2019…

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Dear 2019,

Let me just start off by saying – I am ready for you! I’ll be honest when I say, I’m not a fan of New Years, the pressure always seems so intense to have all this huge, extravagant “resolutions” that are supposed to motivate you for the 365 days to come. But then most, something like 80% of people, fail by February. I’ll admit that I’ve fallen victim to this “New Year, New Me” mentality on more than one year, and I hate it. In roughly 30 days some people can go from feeling so inclined to achieve their goals to just completely abandoning them?! For me, I’m d o n e. I’m over whatever curse the New Year brings to people who such enormous imaginations with, seemingly, little reality.

So 2019, here’s my plan for you.

  • I’m going small. Yeah, you heard me small. Because I refuse to be insane and continue to try to do the same thing and fail, once again.
  • Resolution? Never heard of it, not in my vocabulary.
  • Bring it February… I’ll still be here. March, count me in. April, I’ll see you in a few months. May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December – y’all get it.

2019, I am not going to ask much, but I would like to ask for a few things from you..

  • Patience – Lord knows I could use it.
  • Experiences – I crave them, place the opportunity at my door and let me take charge.
  • Love – I need it, and so does the whole world.

Now, I’m not greedy, so here’s what I plan to deposit throughout the next 358 days…

  • Consistency – Wether it be with work, this blog, my family, boyfriend, friends, etc., I’m going to be consistent, no flaking, no excuses, no BS.
  • Quality time – Put that damn phone down… Okay, okay, I get it. I want to be more present and utilize my time to the fullest. If my phone’s out, I want it to be with purpose, like capturing a memory in a photo or calling my Papa to tell him I love him.
  • Com(passion) – I want both! I want to help contribute to unity people through compassion for our differences or passion for our similarities.

2019, I ended 2018 not on bad terms but I definitely know it wasn’t my best year. I made mistakes and instead of owning them and changing my behavior, I made excuses. It won’t be like that this year, I promise.

2019, we’re 7 days in but we still have 98% ahead of us.

2019, I’m excited (and nervous) for you because I got expectations. Let’s not let us down.

2019, ready….set….let’s freakin’ do this.

– Beauty and The Ballpark

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