Subtle Ways to Add Disney Magic to your Home


Don’t get me wrong, my love for Disney runs deep! But when it came to decorating my apartment I wanted there to be a balance, I wanted to showcase my Disney obsession without being “in your face” and making sure everything was aesthetically pleasing. Now more than ever (thanks, quarantine) I’ve been online shopping/browsing as a new hobby while adding touches or redoing things in my home and thought it would be fun to create a new series, so… now introducing, Subtle Ways to Add Disney Magic to your Home. I’m going to go room by room and just pop in a few ideas of things I think would make a good addition but not be overwhelming when mixed with other items or furniture. I’m going to summarize it on each blog post to limit going crazy and have you scrolling for daaaaays but if you want more ideas, I’ve created a Pinterest Board and an Amazon List that you can go check out for inspiration and clickable links for an easier way to shop.
✧ Enjoy! ✧

  1. Rug

2. Throw Pillows

3. Wall Art

4. Coffee Table Books

5. Misc. Items

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So… what room should I do next? Let me know!

Happy shopping / decorating!!


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